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• Industrial Painting Services

Industrial projects are a staple of Hi Techs business, we have worked in several power plants, military installations and transportation depots. Safety is always of the utmost concern and we hold ourselves to the highest level on these projects, we work closely with plant managers/construction coordinators to ensure a quality project within budget, completed to your schedule.

Our Services Include: Sandblasting Power Plants Military/ Government Tanks/Waste Treatment Bridges Plural Component Coatings

• Multi-Family/ Apartment

Apartments require an organized and well thought out approach that Hi-Tech is very familiar with, we are EPA certified and understand the importance of cleanliness on these jobs. We have many manager/owners that rely on our expertise to provide a timely, hassle free project.

Our Services Include: Low Rise/ Mid Rise New Construction Occupied Units Large Scale Per 1978 RPP Buildings Re-Positioned Properties

• HOA / Condominiums Painting and Decorating Services

We at Hi-Tech know this unique and challenging environment completely. We regularly attend board meetings and understand these projects require a different level of homeowner interaction. We pride ourselves on our ability successfully manage and complete these projects, in a courteous and professional manner. Our Services Include: Board Presentations Phased Projects Distressed Properties Paint/Construction Combo Digital Color Renditions Color Mock Ups

• Hi-Rise Painting Services

Our resume includes dozens of Hi and Mid Rise buildings. We are safety and swing stage certified, as well as Hi-Rise insured. We understand through experience the attention to detail these projects require. We look forward to meeting with you and showcasing our complete projects. Our Services Include:
Hi-Rise/Mid-Rise Insured Swing Stage Certified Safety Trained and Certified Completed Project Portfolio Specialty Access Facade Repair

• Water Proofing Services

Waterproofing is one of the most critical aspects of construction and we understand it very well. Hi Tech has worked with most applications and is very comfortable providing warranties on this type of work, and offering suggestions on how to handle this issue in a cost conscious manner.

Our Services Include: Decks/ Walkways Window Sealing Elastomeric Coatings Roof Coatings Epoxy Systems Masonry Sealers

• Safety and Cleanup

We follow OSHA and industry standard procedures to ensure a safe and healthy job site. We are Hi-Rise and Mid-Rise insured as well as swing stage certified. Our workers are safety trained and clearly identifiable in uniforms with all appropriate safety equipment. We take pride in our record in having no accidents in our many years in business.

We are EPA certified to work with pre 1978 RRP buildings. Jobsites are cleaned daily and all materials disposed of according to applicable laws.

We guarantee a professional job every time. At HI-TECH PAINTING, we offer a complete service. We never leave a mess, or unfinished work.
"Thank you Hi-Tech Painting for all the many services you have provided to not only me but to the many projects you have performed for us during the past eight years. All the buildings painted are clean and beautiful, your conscientious staff (reception and accounting) and crews are a pleasure to have on site. We will be conducting more projects with you in the near future, again many thanks."

Gabriel Ruiz
Construction Manager
Riverstone Residential Group

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